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Your standards are higher than 99.999999% of the men in this country then.

Not really...maybe I'm being unfair, but I can pretty much tell what kind of personality those girls have just by looking at them. Plus, after living in South Florida for many years, I know how hot, ****y girls are. I'd rather have a less-attractive girl with natural beauty than those girls. I've had less-attractive, naturally beautiful women for the most part. I'm not in to the plastic, "I'm superhot" kind of chicks...they might make for a good blow-up doll every once in awhile, but I'm past the one-night-stand/booty call phase of my life.

Different strokes, I guess...then again I'm the wierdo who thinks Denise Richards is ugly as sin and Kirsten Dunst is a hottie, so what do I know?

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