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at IMDB.com which is a movie forum, they have a sports section and this is what one poster said. he makes so much sense.

the thread starter's topic was "broncos and Redskins" he states that nobody is giving broncos and the redskins no chance.

posters alias is Kambei_Shimada and he says i quote

"Seems to me most expert analysts have short memories.

The Redskins are being judged, solely, on their poor offensive performance last week, when it was clear both Brunell and Portis were suffering from injuries.

(surely it can't be that long since we obliterated the 'fancied' Cowboys???) .

Also, people seem to prefer to judge solely on 'bare' statistics: i.e., the Seahawks winning record, and the fact they were the top side in the NFC

nobody seems to be able to analyse in any great depth who those stats were achieved against

As for the Broncos game: the Patriots are just on fire at the moment: their obliteration of the Jags, who gave the Colts two tough games during the regular season, approached the Redskins home victory over the Cowboys in its comprehensive nature.

Personally, I really can't see the Broncos living with that, no matter what their stats. "

here is the llink if you guys want to read the rest of the thread.


some of these guys make sense. more than the media for sure.

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