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Ronde Barber Analyzes Skins - Seahawks on WFAN

Carlito Sway

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Joe Boningo and Carl Banks are doing an in-depth study on the game Saturday. Banks and Boningo are saying the Skins have no chance, but Ronde disagrees. Both were surprised to hear that Ronde thinks the Skins can win. Says that if the Seahawks can't stop Clinton, they'll have a hard time winning the game. Is singing the praises of the Redskin D: 'patient, thorough, great personnel, great coaching'.

Ronde sounds pretty bummed, but refuses to take the bait that the hosts are offering that the Skins got lucky or stand no chance Saturday. They all agree, however, that the loss should be hung on Edell Shephard for dropping the ball in the end zone. Quote from Barber: 'The deserved to beat us . . I'll give 'em credit. They did enough to win that football game, and they're moving on'. He does like the Seahawks O, says he wouldn't want to face them in Seattle.

There was an insistent note in his voice that Washington has a shot at the win this Saturday. We fans know it, but it feels good to hear it from a Buc who's still a little sore about losing last week.

For what it's worth, he says there's no way the Bears beat the Panthers, too. Says Carolina may be an even better defense than Tampa . . .


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