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Tupac Alive?


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You think that footage was good? Looks like garbage to me.

Looks like the it was shot with the same mysterious camera used for the sean taylor spitting.

DUDE!!! My bad, man! I'm sooooo sorry. I thought you mean "shot", as in "bang bang you're dead" shot, like next time they should actually kill him. I apologize. I was way off base.

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ughh nooooo hahahah to funny, I shouldn't type in 5 word sentences. Nah we've lost to many good artists for stupid reasons (regardsless of if I like em or not), I love the "are they alive" conspiaracies.


Totally. As far as this video goes, I dunno. I mean, it wasn't terribly shot, but they didn't really get anything conclusive. Either way, that really looked like him.

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he is alive... i truly believe this... see, there are just too many different reasons for him being alive... the whole 7 day theory.. there is just SO many things in his life that adds up to 7... seriously, if you watch the show lost and think the numbers in that show that keep reappearing are so rediculous, you have no idea... \


that site has many reasons for tupac being alive, it also disproves some, so take it for what you want

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