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Had Surgery So I Can Watch the Game...


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So let me explain...I went to my doctor on Wednesday(1/11) to see the result of my MRI on the area around temple. Well, the results were pretty much what he thought before I had the MRI done. I wont get into detail, but I required surgery...pretty minor procedure, still a 3 or 4 day recovery period. Anyway, the nurse came up to me to schedule an appointment. She said, "He does surgeries on Thursdays only, so will next week be ok?" That seemed ok, but then something else crossed my mind...Im scheduled work on Saturday at 4!! My boss is a disgruntled Bucs fan, and wouldnt let me off...****. So I said, "Is there anyway you can make it tomorrow?" She responded by saying, "Thats a bit short notice for a surgical proceedure that isnt life threatening." But I made it very clear to her that it was important to me, but not explaining the reason why. She then came back and agreed, obviously making me extremely happy. So, basically I went under the knife so I could have a legit excuse to watch my SKINS!!! HAIL BABY! :cheers:

PS. Im healivy medicated at this time, and if something doesnt make sense in my little story dont hold it against me.

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