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Jerry Markbreit??? Are you serious!!??

You do know that Jerry's middle name was "I make my money from payments by Dallas to throw bogus flags on the Redskins" don't you??

That guy was a Dallas fan for sure! He NEVER, EVER called a fair game when Dallas played the Skins. I hated every breath that Punk***** took. That guy was collecting checks from Dallas for sure, that bastage. TOOOEY!!

Jerry Markbreit!!!!???? COME ON MAN!! :doh: :puke:

:seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu

:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck


aka UltimateSkinsFan

(Proud son of a WWII ETO Vet)

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Ed then Mike. Always have loved them both.

Don't know where you got the fat kid bangin on the drums sig from, but that's damn near the funniest thing I've seen so far.

I had HOT friggin coffee just shoot through my nose. I hope you're happy now.

The doctor's bill is on it's way to you.

To stay on topic, Mike Carey has been my favorite for quite some time with bicep Ed running a close second.

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Red Cashion was the best! Mike Carey is the best in the NFl right now. Hoculi will not overturn a call that goes to replay. He is stubbornly loyal to his crew's call, and that is wrong. If they made a bad call, correct it. Hoculi was also the ring leader for the officials strike a few years ago and was very critical of collegiate officials. Hoculi might have big arms, but something tells me his ego is bigger. Carey is very professional without coming off as "overofficious" (Marv Levy would love me!).

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