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Skins fans in Austin TX


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I have noticed a couple Skins fans on this board that are down here in Austin. A pretty large group of skins fans not affiliated with ES will be getting together for the game at the Wharehouse off of Ben White. There should also be a pretty large group of Hawk fans. Should make for a good smack talking affair as we put them in their place. Any austin based redskins fans should come down and check out the game.


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Does the warehouse have HD TV for the Redskins game? I live in Round Rock and will bring some Skins fans from the North side!!!

GO SKINS!!!:helmet:

Where do you usually watch the games up north? Fast Eddy's has the ticket and always has every game.

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There is a new sports bar in Round Rock called BeefoBraddys! that I go to some time but they will have the place rented out for a private party this Saturday!


Thanks for the info...I havent heard of it but I will definatley have to check it out sometime.

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