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First Unofficial Post due to fellow ESers!


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First, I'd like to appolgize for the rant, but I gotta do it! Alright all, I figured I'll finally introduce myself and start posting on this board. I'm a die-hard 'Skins fan and I've been with ES since last year, but have only posted here or there. My buddy and I went to the Redskins send-off today were I met fellow ESers and all who were there were extremely (no pun intended) nice and awesome. Its so good to see die-hard skins fan such as myself and I had a wonderful time (for those of you who were there, I was the guy with the portis jersey and a backwards skins cap, if you remember). I spend more time on this site probably than is good for me so I figured I should finally stop lurking and start contributing to the site. So all of you on this site, thanks for making it an incredible site to be! I'm on such a high now waiting for the Seagulls game and especially after the send-off and I hope to be there at 3am after we (hopefully) beat them and advance to the NFC Championship game. I'm a young skins fan, so though I was a 'skins fan when we were in the playoffs in '99, I was only 14 and not crazy like I am now. So this whole being in the playoffs, watching our team "fight their guts out" is the best feeling in the damn world. I really think we have something special this year, and I believe if we play the way we are capable of playing, NO team in the NFL can beat us. I'm constantly playing seattle on madden on my 360, but I'm just getting so anxious for this game! Folks, I know we have enough talent and heart on this team to go into Seattle and get the W. I def. think that they are over-rated, we are under-rated, and we are going to bring our A game into Quest. Anyways,I wish all of you the best, hope to meet some of you in later events, and most important - HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

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You have an obligation to spread the word about ES now :) Honestly.

Now that you caught the fever - as we all do at times - it's amazing to think that there are SO many other Redskins fans that would enjoy this experience and never heard of us?

I mean, I've been seeing Redskins fans in groups at airports, restaurants, etc... talking Redskins football with walkers-by. Random strangers. I just can't imagine that they wouldn't love to be here shooting the crap with fellow fans.

Although sometimes the more people can have its disadvantages... the additional members only increase the odds that we'll find more quality people. And I'm fine with that.

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