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It appears that Santana Moss and Steve Smith are clones. I sure would love to see these two on the same team. No team could double cover both of them, unless they want Portis to run for 200+.

Does anyone know when Smith will become a free agent? If I'm not mistaken, it could be after next year.

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Any reciever consistantly able of getting open for 5 - 15 yard chunks will open up our offense sooooo much more. Imagine a possession reciever, Moss deep, Cooley showing up here and there, Portis running out of the backfield....

Its almost scary, considering our defense is on the rise just as our offense is.

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I dont know why more people dont compare the redskins and the panthers. They are very similiar. They both only have one recieving threat, a great D, and both need a running game. I guess every team needs a running game but I just think that the two teams are very similar

In fairness, the Panthers defense is better and the Redskins already have a running game. Other than that, they're pretty close.

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I think we'd be better off signing Chad Johnson as our #2, and then signing Hines Ward for our #3 possesion receiver. Once we have those guys in place, we trade Lavar for Peyton Manning, and we're in business.


Exactly :laugh:

If you have Steve Smith on the other side of the field... you don't need a "possession" type of receiver. That's just pure crap :laugh:

Santana can run all the routes. He's done it this year. Including the jump balls. He has amazing versality in the air. And Smith does too... and he's tough as nails. He'll make the tough catches... as well as break tackles or stretch the field.

While the two are "very" similar.. they are not completely identical.

Smith also has a physical presense about him. He's a tough SOB.

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