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Insite from the mag about the Skins......

LAST SEASON: 8-8, 2nd in NFC East


This could be the year Arrington takes over.


LB: Where do you begin? Jessie Armstead, the savvy vet who had been the heart and soul of the Giants defense? Jeremiah Trotter, 25, an All-Pro warrior in the middle for Philly whose play is a lot like the Skins new unis: pure gold and nasty? Or LaVar Arrington, a Pro Bowl pick in his second year, equipped with mind-blowing speed and mind-numbing strength? Throw in the tutelage of D-coordinator Marvin Lewis, who built the Ravens record-setting D around LBs Ray Lewis and Peter Boulware -- and it's easy to see why Washington fans feel the best D in the league has moved south some 40 miles.


QB: Ball Coach has a real weakness for former Gator QBs with noodle arms. Why else would anyone sign Shane Matthews (cut by the Bears) or Danny Wuerffel (six starts in five years) when 2002 first-round pick Patrick Ramsey has the physical tools these guys lack. But they can forget about seeing PT this season. Ramsey's holdout not only cost him the chance at the starting job Spurrier wanted to give him, it nearly got him traded. If Spurrier wins with these guys, he really is as good a coach as he thinks he is.

NFC East

1. Eagles

2. Giants

3. Redskins

4. Cowboys

Scouting Report Index


RB: Fullback Bryan Johnson is the most improved player on the roster. Stephen Davis will be the best. Some people think Spurrier will turn him into a pass blocker. But the Ball Coach knows what to do with a guy who boasts three straight seasons of more than 1,300 yards rushing. Get him the damn ball.

WR: Rod Gardner should double his 46-catch production from last year, but only because there's no one else to throw to besides speedy but untested TE Zeron Flemister. Oh yeah, there is one former Gator no one else wanted (Jacquez Green) here, too.

OL: Chris Samuels is one of the best tackles in the game, and Jon Jansen is moving in that direction. The rest of the guys (Larry Moore, Brenden Stai and Ross Tucker) are versatile, and good enough to move the pile for 121.8 ypg (No. 4 in the NFC).

DL: Daryl Gardener and Renaldo Wynn were huge pickups. Gardener adds beef (6'6", 295) in the middle and Wynn gives you speed on the outside (5 sacks). But will Dan Wilkinson be happy letting others shine while he gobbles up blockers inside?

DB: Champ Bailey is one of the best CBs in the league. Fred Smoot (team-high 5 INTs) is on his way. Darrell Green? Been there, done that. Together, they're the reason opposing QBs find no openings against the Redskins, who had the fourth-best pass defense in the NFC.

ST: Brett Conway (10-14 from beyond the 40) and punter Bryan Barker are average, which is fine. Other than for PATs and kickoffs, Spurrier doesn't plan on using them much anyway. Jacquez Green has the speed and agility to make an impact as a returner.


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This seems to be another reason for me not to renew my subscription the this rag. I wonder if Dr. Z is writing for ESPN as well as Sports Illustrated under a pen name?

I know I sound like the typical homer but I just don't see the Skins finishing behind the Gints and Boys. And I'm a little skeptical about them finishing behind the Iggles. I realize we have a new coach and a new system but I still think we have the capability of winning the NFC East if we don't get nailed with a bunch of injuries. The numbers 10-6 keep coming to mind. With a little luck maybe even 11-5. Wishful thinking? Maybe but hell if the Puke fans can rant and rave about them winning the SB then I guess I can hope a little myself.


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