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Unsung "tipped pass" heroes


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Who tipped the passes that were picked off against the Bucs? Salavea? Griffin? Daniels?

These guys are so fundamentally sound, and the "little things" are paying huge dividends now. Same goes for Rogers on the Edell Shepherd near-touchdown. He got his hand in there and probably caused the drop.

Go 'skins!!

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Yeah, thats another aspect of the game that we have thats being ignored. People are saying that Seattle has the advantage with the Bye week, but we have guys that sat out a few games and are just getting into a groove. Guys like Griffin and Salava and even Springs. Thats gonna help us be rested when we go in there on Saturday.

Plus Gibbs is a genius for leaving today instead of tomorrow. The media doesnt realize that because they want us to lose, but it gives us a chance to get accustomed to the city and air pressure and the change in time. UNlike Seattle when they flew across country on Saturdat night. AND LOST

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