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Mayor Williams Announces Burgundy & Gold Day


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He really didn't need to tell me for every friday has been Burgundy and Gold day since the beginning of the season. I guess he's just making it official.



Wear Team Colors to Support Redskins in Saturday's Game!

(Washington, DC) Mayor Anthony A. Williams today asked District of Columbia residents and others in the region to wear "Burgundy and Gold" tomorrow in Washington, DC. Mayor Williams urges residents and commuters to the District to wear the two Redskin team colors Friday in support of the team and its playoff game Saturday against the Seattle Seahawks.

"Tomorrow is our last chance before game day to rally in support of the team," said Mayor Williams. "What better way to support Coach Gibbs and the team than wearing Redskins colors to work on Friday?"

Mayor Williams added: "By rallying together, we can send a strong message all the way to the west coast in Seattle. Our city has the greatest football fans in the country. So tomorrow, let's show our collective enthusiasm and bring the team its seventh win in a row."

On Tuesday, Mayor Williams issued a friendly wager to Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels regarding Saturday's game. If the Redskins win, Mayor Nickels has agreed to send Mayor Williams salmon from the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle. A Redskin loss would have Mayor Williams buy Mayor Nickels four chilidogs from Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street.

Last week, Mayor Williams won Cuban sandwiches when the Redskins beat Tampa Bay. Prior to that, Mayor Williams won four Philly cheesesteaks from Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street when the Redskins beat the Eagles.

Next week he'll get either some Carolina Barbeque or either Chicago Deep Dish Pizza or Hot Dogs...GO SKINS!!!!

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Good for the Mayor. I know some city officials are still pi$$ed that the team doesn't play or practice in DC, but make no mistake: this is still the team of the DC, the surrounding areas, and any fan who around the country and the world that roots for it.

I'll wear my B&G fleece. I wish I had a burgundy dress shirt... though I do have yellow/gold.

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notice the politcal correctness: Burgundy & Gold Day and not Redskins Day.

I saw williams at the skins-boys game. He was in a box above me, and he had a new snack every time i looked up. He must have eaten four hot dogs and two cheeseburgers. He was having a blast. But who wasnt that day? (besides the dallas fans)

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Last year the mayor here declared the Friday before the NFC Championship game "Falcon Fever Friday." It was annoying to see all these bandwagon jumpers wearing Vick jerseys (only Vick, all jerseys bought after the jersey change). Now I get to have my revenge. If we make the Super Bowl, I'm wearing my jersey to school. Until then, I'll just keep myself to an ugly sweatshirt I own.

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