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I know that we've all been inundated with stat after stat over the last few days, but there is an interesting article over at NFL.com that points out one stat in particular that really bodes well for us 'Skins fans, I guess.


Here's the Article:

(Jan. 11, 2006) -- Last week, we started off by saying we're not sure how to pick the winners of the first-round playoff games. It doesn't get any easier here in the divisional round. So let's start off once again by looking at some of the recent trends.

Since all four games this weekend are rematches from the regular season, here's an interesting note: Since 2000, there have been eight instances when teams that faced each other once in the regular season played a rematch in the divisional playoffs. In those games, the teams that won the regular-season meetings are a combined 8-0 in the playoff rematch. (Note: This does not include three times when teams squared off twice in the regular season and then a third time in the playoffs.)

Now, let's look at the No. 1 seeds -- in this case, Seattle and Indianapolis. Under the current playoff format, the top seed in the NFC never has lost its divisional round game: 15-0. The first seed in the AFC is 10-5 in this round.

Overall, the NFC teams that have had a bye are 27-3 in this round; AFC teams coming off the bye are 22-8.

Since 2000, the team that scores first in NFC divisional round games is 9-1; the team that scores first in the AFC is 7-3.

Last week was the first time we have had two road teams win by more than 10 points in first round.

Trivia: The only time the Seattle Seahawks won a divisional playoff game was in 1983. Who did they beat? (Answer at the bottom of this page)

Here's a closer look at the games:

img9161013.jpgChris Cooley had four catches for 61 yards against Seattle in the regular season. Redskins at Seahawks: When they met at Washington on Oct. 2, the Redskins won in overtime 20-17. Right before end of regulation, Seattle's Josh Brown hit the left upright on a potential game-winning field-goal attempt. Redskins QB Mark Brunell passed for 227 yards and two touchdowns. ... For Washington to win, Brunell and RB Clinton Portis are the keys. Portis needs to run the ball well (the question is whether his shoulder is OK). Brunell needs to make some plays in the passing game. Seattle most likely will double WR Santana Moss, as Tampa Bay did last week. Consequently, TE Chris Cooley could be a factor. ... On defense, Washington needs to stop RB Shaun Alexanderand make QB Matt Hasselbeck beat them. The loss of DL Renaldo Wynn hurts its defense; he's been pretty good. ... For Seattle on offense, it has to run the ball and it needs a good but not great game from the receivers. On defense, the Seahawks need to force the Redskins into long-yardage situations, double Moss to prevent big plays, control the tempo and make the Redskins play from behind. ... Washington ranks ninth overall on defense, 13th against the run and 10th against the pass. ... Seattle ranks 16th overall, fifth vs. the run, 25th against the pass.

Common opponents: Washington 8-1, Seattle 9-0.

Points allowed: Washington 293, Seattle 271.

Sack differential: Washington plus-4, Seattle plus-23.

Turnover differential: Washington plus-1, Seattle plus-10.

*This article was written by Gil Brandt, NFL.com Senior Anylist...it goes on to anylize the other games this weekend, but I guess you can click on the link if you're interested in that*

I don't know about the rest of you, but I really like the looks of that 8-0 stat...here's to 9-0! :cheers:

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