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Comics to film tread is not looking good


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Batman Begins was terrible imho (I'm in the vast minority here...I'm aware. I just didn't like it. You can find my explanation in one of the BB threads). XMen and XMen 2 were awesome, as were Spiderman 1 and 2 (in my opinion). I never was a huge fan of Ghost Rider...but it looks like it could be pretty cheesy. And you're right...Daredevil sucked a big fat one, as did Elektra. The only redeeming factor about Elektra was you got to look at Jennifer Garner for the entire movie!! :)

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Batman Begins was fantastic as was Christian Bale.

It might not have been for you jrock, but many people really liked that move, myself included.

Thanos: you taking a break from the Infinity Gauntlet?

Yeah...I'm well aware I'm in the minority of folks who didn't like Batman Begins. Just stating my opinion...that's still allowed, right? ;)

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