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IF Terrel Owens came to Washington, and thats a BIG IF, this is what would happen .....

He would be AMAZING. Let's be serious guys, T.O. is one of if not THE BEST WR is the NFL. Yes his attitude sucks, but were putting that aside for right now.

He is also "friends" with Portis and Moss , I feel with how their chemistry is and Owens being on his last straw with the NFL he's be fine. Not to mention every player who has ever played for Gibbs has the most respect for him. Gibbs isn't only a great football coach , he is a great LIFE COACH. Which T.O. needs.

Finally, it would take the pressure away from Moss and leave him open more often ... Not to mention what kind of tradition he could bring as far as touchdown celebrations for the skins ... like 1 specific touchdown !

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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