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Traffic Jam Nightmare


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Consider this an emergency worker appreciation/dumb motorist rant thread.

I got stuck on i95 North tonight on my way from VA to NJ a few miles after I crossed in MD. Apparently there was a very violent crash on 95 as the radio put it, probably fatalities involved considering the police shut down 95 to do an investigation. I got into the jam at 7pm and moved 5 feet in 3 hours, as of 1230am (I turned around and drove home) 95 is still shut down.

What the eff is wrong with people who try to drive along the shoulders, cops were trying to travel down them but all these jerks clogged up the lanes - how would they feel if their family members couldn't be gotten to cause some dumas has no patience. Hopefully the cops straightened those asshats out.

:cheers: Here is to the cops who could of let us all sleep in our cars, instead they turned all the traffic around and let us take detours- oh I can't tell you how cool it was to drive the wrong way on 95 for a few miles.

:cheers: :applause: Many thanks to those who dedicate their lives to keeping the rest of us safe. :cheers: :applause:

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That's one of my pet peeves..... a big traffic jam and people think that where they have to go is more important than where you're going and so they drive in the shoulder. Drives me nuts!!!!

Just last week this happened to me around the juncture of 95/295 north of Richmond. Fortunately, a Tractor Trailer driver felt the same way and placed his rig in the shoulder so as to keep drivers from passing him. It was amazing... these cars would zoom up and stop behind the trailer... than honk their horns for him to move.... as if they had a right to drive in the shoulder and get where they were going regardless of everyone else waiting patiently in the traffic pattern.

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