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Large Business vs Small Business

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In a sparring match with a friend of mine, this discussion came up. In particular she was speaking of how great the current economy is, and I decided to speak against it. Well, being that she works in that area, she didn't like my response, but tell me what you think.

What I said was that while the cities are producing more money and the businesses are doing better than ever before, the communities are not seeing that money, which is causing the communities to suffer.

For example, if I have the option of buying socks from a private store owned by a guy in my neighborhood vs going to a big business where the price is cheaper; well my greed tells me that going to the big business is better since I save money. Others think similarly, and before you know it the guy in my neighborhood has to close down his store.

Well if we take a larget look at the picture, then I don't think that its as bright. See, the guy who had the store with the high prices. That guy stays in my community. So he's more likely to contribute his money towards other things in my community (either by donation, or just cause its easier to go to the laundromat across the stree than it is to go 30 miles). So in effect, what we have is that the money is circulating through the community and hence there is more money in the community to support things like streets, schools, libraries, etc.

The large business takes the money away from the community. I compared it to a US citizen deciding to buy his clothes over in Asia. That is money generated in the US thats going overseas to help foreign economies. And when we support big businesses, we're supporting foreign communities, while our own suffers.

And I say our community suffers because when the community needs money for streets, schools, libraries, etc. what do they do? They raise taxes, so the community is paying more! All because he thought he was saving a dollar on some socks. :mad:

Just my :2cents:

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