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Just finished watching NFL network...


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The piece done on the Redskins by NFL network was great. It showed both up's and down's of the organization. It went all the way back to the great Slingin' Sammy Baugh even. It showed the troubled times of Bobby Mitchell's career on and off the field. It had a great 10 minute sketch of Joe Gibb's and his coaching career in the NFL and NASCAR. And of course Riggo was also featured on the program, showing his great highlights and his last "hurrah" as they were hanging up the great Redskin's names at RFK, Riggins could not be found. But as the time came and his name was introduced, Riggins raced out fully decked, in uniform and all and received an outstanding ovation.

All in all, for a "young-timer" like me, it gave me understanding of this team's history and pride.

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