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Springs Article...It's a Good Read


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I looked to see if this was posted...couldn't find it...apologies if it was...




ASHBURN, Va. -- Shawn Springs sounded as if he were going to a family reunion instead of a playoff game.

He flashed his charismatic smile and spoke fondly of coach Mike Holmgren, former teammates, a "400-pound Seahawks fan" named Big Lo, the guys in the equipment room, and the team vice president's wife who once helped the young cornerback find a house.

Springs spent seven enjoyable years in the Pacific Northwest, and he's returning as a visiting player for the first time when the Washington Redskins play the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday.

"I was raised in that organization," Springs said. "They've seen me go from a young man to who I am today."

Springs has willed himself back to health to prepare for his old team, returning to practice Tuesday after missing last week's playoff victory over Tampa Bay with a groin injury. He wonders whether he'll be received as an old friend who was the No. 3 overall draft pick out of Ohio State in 1997 - or as the ungrateful kid who took the money and ran and once said that, in NFL terms, Seattle might as well be Egypt.

"I'm curious. I think it'll be mixed reviews," Springs said. "First of all, the game is way bigger than me going back to Seattle. It's a playoff game, so I think everybody will focus on it being a playoff game.

"But there's probably a lot of (No.) 24 jerseys still out there. I had a lot of die-hard fans. I think some people are blue, but some people will be happy because of the memories of some of the things I did in Seattle."

Springs said he was perceived by some people in Seattle as "a cancer in the locker room," but that his relationship with Holmgren was good. The coach didn't want Springs to leave when free agency beckoned in 2004, but Holmgren's persuasion was no match for Redskins coach Joe Gibbs' determination, Washington owner Dan Snyder's millions and the influence of a mother who wanted her son back near his hometown of Silver Spring, Md.


(The rest of the atricle is just a good as the beginning...)


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Springs has a new locker room nickname in Washington. He was "Neo" in Seattle - from the movie "The Matrix" - but now he's "Blue Foot," a reference to Springs' speed that was coined by former Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot. Many teammates just call him "Blue."

Sorry, not familiar with the term "Blue Foot". Where does that come from, and does that mean fast or slow?


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