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I just bought the coolest CD...


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This cd is way cool, it has old school NFL Flims Clips with that guy who has a deep voice John Franseca? (SP?) and the Symphony music in the background....oh man it gets me fired up for skins football this week :point2sky

Track Listing:

1. The Power And The Glory

2. Up She Rises

3. A Season Awaits

4. Round Up

5. Run With The Big Dogs

6. The Lineman

7. Fringe Of Battle

8. A New Game

9. I Like This Kind Of Party

10. Life On The Wildside

11. The Autumn Wind

12. The Raiders

13. Get The Man

14. West Side Rumble

15. A Time For Glory

16. Magnificent Eleven

17. That's The Enemy

18. Classic Battle

19. Brahma Bull

20. Golden Boy

21. Lombardi

22. The Final Quest

23. Heroes Of The 60's

24. Ramblin' Man From Gramblin'

25. Pain Is Inevitable

26. The Equalizer

27. Be Savage Again

28. Torpedo

29. November

30. The Pony Soldiers

31. A Season Is At Stake

32. Cossacks Charge

33. Wind Of Victory

34. Salute To Courage

35. The Men Who Play It

36. The Championship Chase

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