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White Uniforms Again!!


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I have never really bought in to the jersey color being important -- but if the players feel it gives them an edge then thats fine with me

Nobody seems to realize that these jerseys are lighter due to the lack of Burgandy dye... :doh: It's the equivalent of taking out the rear seat and spare tire when going to the drag strip...

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You just don't mess with a streak. Changes = distractions, even if on an almost imperceptible level. Plus, if you think you're harder to beat wearing white, you'll probably play with more confidence.

I've long been a fan of the white jerseys with burgundy pants, but for some reason I'm really enamored with the white on white. I guess it fits this team. 5-6 record, the sports mediots had all given up on us, we come roaring back, win 5 straight to win our way into the playoffs with little respect, make it 6 straight with a win against the best defense in the league and garner negative respect in the process, get made 9 point dogs in our next game by people who allegedly know these things, and have folks laugh at our chances of winning on Saturday.

Hardly anyone gives us a chance, but we keep defying the odds. It's fitting, then, that we're the only team wearing white on white by choice.

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Saaaay....that doesn't look too bad. Maybe a red stripe down the middle...but I LOVE the red helmets!!

I remember how disgusted I was when Spurrier had them wear white on white during 03. I hated them! Now they are starting to grow on me...

I do agree that white helmet doesn't look bad, but we wear burgandy not red.

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