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Running out the clock against Bucs


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So many threads to read - I hope I did not miss a discussion on this.

In the last game against the Bucs,

the clock was down to 2:48 in the 4th quarter,

and then Samuels got a penalty for false start.

Our beloved skins then proceeded to make a running play,

that did not take much time off the clock.

In fact, I think the refs placed the ball down at 2:43,

and got the clock moving again,

and then the skins were forced to snap the ball

again at 2:03, instead of being able to run the clock

down to the 2:00 warning.

I was hollering at the tv. =)

During the game , I was thinking it would make some

some sense to have the running back run wide,

or try to be elusive, and yet stay in bounds,

to try and get the clock to run down from 2:48 to 2:40 or below.

Since the bucs had no timeouts,

and were powerless to stop the clock,

I thought that would help take off an additional 40 seconds

off the clock. Instead of giving them the ball back to the Bucs

with 1:11 left, it would have been 31 seconds.

Anybody else think of this during the game ?

None of the announcers even mentioned it.

Or is it just wise to play it safe, and have the running play

into the gut of the line to avoid a strip and fumble ?

I am interested in other peoples thoughts.

Additionally, after looking at Seattles division,

and the quality of who they beat,

I think we have more than a good chance

to whoop their seahawk butts.

Certainly we got the D for it.

Go Skins.

Huge redskins fan in NY

Bob the WorkingMan

:gaintsuck :eaglesuck :dallasuck :cheers:

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I was at the game. With Ladell taking most of the handoffs in the second half, it was just up the gut and hang on. The Redskins D was dominant, and had rattled Simms enough to where he visibly was not much of a factor.The Bucs D was out for blood, OTOH, looking for any opportunity to create a play and gain momentum.

JG narrowed the attack surface by keeping it simple and straight ahead.....

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