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Chiefs Hire Edwards As Head Coach


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I am subscribed to an NFL e-zine (who are often correct in their reporting), so can't provide a link, but this is what I received today;

KANSAS CITY, MO - Herman Edwards was hired as coach of the

Kansas City Chiefs, replacing the retired Dick Vermeil and

inheriting a team that barely missed the playoffs.

The Chiefs will give Edwards' former team, the New York

Jets, a fourth-round draft pick as compensation. Edwards

still had two years left on his contract with New York.

At a news conference, Edwards insisted his players would

embody teamwork, saying "talent alone doesn't win games.

Teams win games."

Edwards, who was a Chiefs assistant in the mid-1990s, also

issued a warning: Don't ask about what happened during

those last tumultuous days in New York.

Chiefs’ general manager Carl Peterson called his longtime

friend Edwards "without question, one of the most qualified

head football coaches in the NFL today."

Edit - Oops, my bad. Tom (Giants fan) has already started a thread on this, but as I only did a quick manually scan, I missed the original topic (on page 2).

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