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Anybody see us running some 3-4 on D?


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am i the only one that wouldnt be surprised if we start off in a 3-4 to catch seattle off guard and have lavar be the outside lb/de, we did sign an extra lb to replace wynn's spot

only problem i see with it is that why ruin what we have been doing the past few weeks but i wouldnt be shocked if we did run some 3-4

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Although we've ran 3-4 in the past this season, with some success, its been against teams w/o real strong centers/guards.

The problem with us running a 3-4 is that we don't have a true nosetackle, a guy like Vince Wilfork, to plug up the running game inside. Unforatunatley, Griff and Salave'a do not fit the mold of a true noseguard. Against teams with lesser o lines, its not a big deal. However, the Seahawks have a good center, a great left guard, and a great left tackle.

That is why I don't think we'll run 3-4, not because we don't have the 4th linebacker, but because we lack the true NT.

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