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Come on Skins fans...Help us out


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We've endured 6 concessive weeks of trash talking from other teams' fans. Look where it's gotten them!

Ignore it. Find something else to pay attention to, like work or family. Then get psyched sometime around noon or so on Saturday. It's pointless to try and convince fans of an upcoming opponent that they are wrong. Besides, it's fun to be misunderestimated.

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LOL, they stole our look-a-like thread. Although they did credit Extremeskins.

They actually didn't seem that bad to me. They are confident in their team and I see much of the same rationalizing that they are doing on this board as well.

If we had ended up the #1 seed in the NFC and were playing the #6 seed at home, do you think we would be confident that we would win?

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