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Tampa Bay trip report

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Just one fan's view. I was born in the District, raised on Riggins and company and my family has had season tickets since Griffith Stadium. It's been SO LONG since it's been good to be a Skins fan! I remember two years ago at FedEx when Dallas beat us in a miserably cold day in December and their fans were filling the air with their chants. So bad I think it was the worst sporting experience of my life.

Nowadays, things are looking up. I went down to Tampa last weekend for the game against the Bucanneers and had a whale of a time. Nothing like seeing the worst offensive performance in the history of the NFL playoffs by a winning team to put a smile on your face. Bottom line: we'll take it any way we can get it. The only stat that really matters is the W column!

A few highlights from Section 237 at Raymond James Stadium (the RayJay), which is a very comfortable and entertaining stadium, pirate ship cannons, flags, jumbotron and all:

  • Waiting two hours to get my "will call" tickets and just making it to my seat within 3 minutes of the kickoff.
  • Refreshing my memory of the second verse of "Hail to the Redskins" with nearby Washington fans.
  • Chatting with the guy next to me (dressed in Bucs gear but really a Giants fan) and predicting (accurately) that his team would get shut out on Sunday by the Panthers.
  • Watching the Redskins defense pop a fumble out of Cadillac Williams, then fumble it themselves only to recover and runback for a TD.
  • Seeing Lavar Arrington break the back of the Bucs offense with an interception, vindicating him after a year of bad relations with the coaches and assuring his "fan favorite" status (by far the most common Redskins jersey among the fans was 56)
  • Taunting Bucs fans with Simms tendency to choke in big games at Texas and predicting (accurately) that he would do so again.
  • Waving "no catch" to all the Bucs fans going crazy because of a game-tying TD pass that I predicted (accurately) would be ruled incomplete.
  • Getting sweet revenge for the regular season loss to the Bucs, which turned on a Bucs 2-point conversion that obviously had never happened.
  • And finally, hanging out on the club level (where the bars were open after the game) with HUNDREDS of Redskins fans, high-fiving each other, admiring the various old-school jerseys on display (Monk, Green, Jurgensen, Riggins, etc. No Theisman, which says something....), asking each other about hotels and flight plans to Seattle and singing our songs while all the Bucs fans ran out of their own house with their tails between their legs.


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