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Salisbury is a tool.. article within..


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The article is near the bottom.. extremely hard to find so I included the entire thing. Mods if this is a problem feel free to edit it. Thanks!


Here's a funny note from the Star Tribune about former Vikings' QB, and current ESPN analyst Sean Salisbury, that I had not heard. While playing for the Vikings, Salisbury divided the locker room intentionally in order to get a playoff start over Rich Gannon. Denny Green went with it, they lost 24-7 to the Redskins. So in the offseason, Gannon was gone and Salisbury was offered $1.6 million to be the starter.

Salisbury said that wasn't enough for a starting quarterback. Green shrugged and traded with Houston for Warren Moon.

Salisbury tried to interest Detroit. His sales job included saying in a radio interview that opposing defenses were "terrified" at the idea of a backfield that would team him as the quarterback with running back Barry Sanders.

Apparently, family members did not consider Salisbury a danger to himself, despite this state of deep delusion. Eventually, he signed as the backup in Houston to Cody Carlson for $1.1 million.

The Oilers were trying a run-and-shoot offense, which did not fit with Salisbury's slow feet. He was cut. He came back to the Vikings as the No. 3 quarterback, behind Moon and Brad Johnson, for the league minimum of $162,500.

Just keep in mind every time you see Salisbury's mug on ESPN talking about who should be fired and who should be benched, that he felt defenses were terrifed by him... and Barry. He's a tremendous evaluator of skill.

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