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(Hypothetical) What would you do if the Skins moved?


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I was thinking about the Raiders, Cards, Ravens, Oilers, et all...and couldn't imagine what I would do if something like that happened to us one day. That would easily be one of the worst moments of my life so far. Would you guys still be skins fans? Would you hire a hitman to take out the Danny?

Curious of other people's reactions.

I'm pretty sure I'd be depressed for awhile, but still support the skins. I guess it would also depend on the circumstances of the move.


(and yes, I know this is totally random...please don't happen *knock on wood*)

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I've spoken with people from Alienware who, as many of you know, advertise at FedEx - it's actually their only major sporting venue because they did market research and came to the conclusion that the Washington Redskins have the most loyal and most affluent fans of any other professional team in the country. Therefore, if the team moved, I'd be one of the people in the mob of protesters. I'd likely not support the team if they moved and changed names (ie. the Ravens, Titans), but I'm sure a new team would come in soon enough. Under no circumstances would I convert to a Ravens fan though - I'd just be pissed that I didn't have a team until we got a new Redskins. Redskins for life! Otherwise, no team for me.

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Hypothetical Thoughts....

1. Snyder would never, ever move the team from the DC area.

2. If the team were to relocate, it is my sincerest belief that the name "Redskins" would be "retired" in the way the Oilers name was.

Or reused to start a new franchise ala the browns

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The Redskins will NEVER be moved...end of story.

I agree. I think we'd be one of the least likely (if not THE least likely) franchise to be moved. That's why I posted it as a hypothetical. I think sometimes we don't realize how lucky we are to be skins fans. We have history. We have championships. We have a loyal fanbase. We have security.

I'd probably ban you.

Ideas have to come from somewhere, you know. :)

It would probably be for the better. :notworthy

Oh, great - another pointless thread. :doh:

It was something interesting to me and I've never seen a thread on this topic before(if it has, i'm sorry). I would like to think that I can discuss anything related to the Redskins, especially if it hasn't been posted before (or in a long time).

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I'd cry. Seriously.

But I think a more realistic hypothetical question to ask is, what would be your reaction to changing the name from Redskins to something else?

You're right - that's much more likely. If they changed the team name - even though the team isn't named after actual native Americans, only a bunch of white dudes dressed up like Indians - then I'd still support the team. A name change doesn't change the coach, the players, the owner, the location, or even the name of the stadium. I wasn't a fan when the Bullets changed to the Wizards but it didn't kill the team or their fans. Personally though, as someone who is part native-American, the whole thing about being offense is ridiculous. It's not like the team is named "Savages" or even "Indian givers" - which imply negative stereotypical connotations. Honestly, wouldn't Washington Whitemen be more offensive? The name of the team implies nothing about the nature of native americans, their behavior, or stereotypes associated with it. Hell, I have a reddish complexion, even my ancestors who served in the Civil War were desribed in their military records as being "ruddy." Saying that someone is red is a physical description and nothing else. Personally, I love that my team is called the Redskins - even more reason for me to feel at home. People should leave it alone. :2cents:

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I would never cheer for any other football team then the Skins. Even if they brought in a new team, it would be burgandy and gold, but it won't be the skins since if they are starting a new franchise they most def. would force the owner to pick another name. BTW, where did the idea of moving the team come from. Somebody been playing to much Madden?

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this thread is well-meaning enough, I'm sure, but completely absurd. there are certain teams in the NFL that have absolutely ZERO chance of EVER leaving their current cities. they are:









and probably the Eagles, too.

notice how the NFC East is the staple division in the league? if the NFL has a "division of record", it would certainly be the NFC East.

I hope the league never, ever expands again. it's finally in balance. there are 4 divisions in each conference, with 4 teams in each division. having six division games every year is perfect, 8 is too many. six games allows for more games against teams you don't play every year, so it's like, "whose division is better?" instead of adding teams, the league should just move teams (like Seattle) around. if a team is lackluster, move it. Seattle, Detroit, Oakland, Arizona, St. Louis, New Orleans, could probably all be relocated to cities that would appreciate them more. that's the route to go instead of perpetually expanding the league.

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The only thing that scares me in the deepest, darkest places or horror, is that they change their name and colors.

I would be in danger of life in prison...

I have no ties to DC so if they moved I'm fine. If the name and colors changed I don't know that I could follow them. I couldn't imagine cheering for our team if they moved to San Antonio and changed their name to some stupid modern name like "Storm" and the colors changed to gold and blue.

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