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The "All-Joe" team


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Oddly, the all Joe team isn't made up of all Joes. I thought it would be.

The real all Joe team:



T: Joe Jacoby, Washington - 4 Pro Bowls

T: Joe Carollo, LA Rams 1 Pro Bowl

G: Joe DeLamielleure, Buffalo - 6 Pro Bowls

G: Joe O'Donnell, Buffalo - 1 Pro Bowl

C: Joe Fields, Jets - 2 Pro Bowls

TE: Billy Joe Dupree, Dallas - 3 Pro Bowls

TE: Joe Walton, Washington

WR: Joe Horn, New Orleans, 4 Pro Bowls

WR: Joe Jurevicius, Seattle

WR: Joey Galloway, Seattle, Dallas, TB

RB: Joe Washington, Baltimore, Washington - 1 Pro Bowl

RB: Joe Perry, San Francisco - 3 Pro Bowls

(Honorable mention to Joe Don Looney, RB, Colts, Lions, Redskins, for name only.)

RB: Joe Morris, NY Giants - 2 Pro Bowls

QB: Joe Montana, San Francisco — 8 Pro Bowls

(Backup QBs: Joe Namath, NY Jets - 5 Pro Bowls; Joe Theismann, Washington - 2 Pro Bowls)

K: Joe Nedney, (various teams)


E: Joe Johnson, New Orleans — 2 Pro Bowls

E: Joe Klecko, NY Jets - 4 Pro Bowls

T: Joe Greene, Pittsburgh - 10 Pro Bowls

T: Joe Ehrmann, Baltimore - 1 Pro Bowl

OLB: Joe Fortunato, Chicago — 5 Pro Bowls

OLB: Joey Porter, Pittsburgh - 2 Pro Bows

ILB: Joe Schmidt, Detroit — 9 Pro Bowls

CB: Joe Lavender, Washington — 2 Pro Bowls

CB: Joe Scudero, Washington - 1 Pro Bowl

S: Joey Browner, Minnesota — 6 Pro Bowls


P: Joe Prokop, Green Bay

Head Coach: Joe Gibbs, Washington - Hall of Fame

Can't come up with a second safety. Any help?

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All-Joe team led by guy named Jones

By Larry Weisman, USA TODAY


"The essence of the 14th USA TODAY All-Joe team, which honors the overachievers, the overlooked, the "effort" guys who don't get invited to the Pro Bowl but without whom their teams might founder".

It names Danny Smith as all-joe special teams coach??

Personally, I think he's done a lousy job.

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Hey China, great list, but how the hell did Jim Finn get on there?

Honorable mention to Joe Don Looney, RB, Colts, Lions, Redskins, for name only.

Oops, that was an editorial mistake. I forgot to delete that name from the original list. I have replaced him on the list with Joe Don Looney at your request. :cheers:

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Glad to see Danny Smith's name up there, the Special Teams played very well throughout the season.
Blasphemy!!! Our special teams was the weak link, I don't care if we did run 2 kicks back. Look at our avg. starting field position on kickoffs compared to our opponents. Not to mention he couldn't find a better punter than Frost! And Antonio Brown returning punts? Has he gotten positive yardage on 1 singe punt this season? The guy is a joke of a coach with some beasts at his disposal (Sellers, ST) to bail him out.
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