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Please Kneel Before Tom Brady


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Please Kneel Before Tom Brady

By DJ Gallo

Special to Page 2

This column will start and end with the New England Patriots because it's the only respectful thing to do.

As you might have heard, Tom Brady claims the Patriots don't get enough respect. And I wholeheartedly agree. I mean, come on -- all the magazine covers, TV commercials, awards and constant media love the team has received over the past four years have been woefully inadequate.

That's why I want to share with you 12 simple steps I take each and every day to make sure I adequately show respect to Tom Brady and the Patriots. I hope you will incorporate them into your own daily schedule. (And it's 12 steps, of course, out of respect for Mr. Brady's uniform number.)

Twelve Ways You Can Better Respect Tom Brady and the Patriots

1. Genuflect whenever you say, read or hear the number 12. (That's four genuflections already this column. So do it. Do it! You don't want to disrespect Tom Brady, do you?! That's better.)

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He is well aware that they get a ton of respect. This is nothing more than a truly great leader trying to light a fire under his teams ass. They have traditionally done their best with a "us against the world" perspective so he is merely guarding against them getting comfortable and resting on their laurels. I would take a leader like Brady in a second.

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