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Major Props to this guy!


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On Comcast Sportsnet lastnight they showed a roadtrip documentary filmed by a guy they gave a camera to. I'll skip to the good part.

Well, they were filmimg all of the 'Skins fans tailgating at The Ray Jay and he confronted one guy who looked like Fred Durst (yeah, I know you guys hate Fred) and he said the following.

1.Our defense will have two picks.

2.Our defense will cause and recover one fumble

3.Sean Taylor will knock someone's head off (well, he spit on pittman's head)

4.Then he proceeded to call out the score..........17-10 'Skins. Talk about intuition!

Blew me away and props to Skinstradamus. :notworthy

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Well that was like Art at the Dallas Tailgate. We were all outside of FedEx talking and someone asked Art what his prediction for the game was, and without a second thought Art goes, "35-10". Everyone looks at each other, and go, "35-10 Redskins?". Art replied "Yes, Redskins, win 35-10.". And the whole time I was thinking to myself, "holy **** that's dumb, there's no way we win that big. 20-17 maybe, but not 35-10.". When the scoreboard hit triple zeroes Art was pretty much on point.

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