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"Captain Chaos" T-Shirts at Modells


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hell, I'm 31 and I may have to get one.

Thatta boy -- do what YOU think is right.

I go to a sports bar to watch the games here in Warrensburg MO. Each week I compile "mini-posters" featuring slogans and pics of us against that weeks team. I tape these to the edge of my table. I bring my mini-skins helmet and sit it in the middle of the table. A lot of people think this makes me 15 yrs old.................I'm 29 ;)

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COCO PUFFS ARE BETTER! :laugh: Fruity Pebbles rock too.

Fruity pebbles do rock...I can eat a whole box of that stuff...and I have!! :laugh: :doh:

back to the topic - Cooley is my favorite Redskins right now, but I am not sure about the Captain Chaos thing though...that name isn't working for me... :2cents:

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I work for Modell's @ Arundel and we have that shirt in. Were also supposed to be getting a bunch of Cooley, Moss and Portis jerseys in kids and adults (directly from Reebok) as well as a bunch of the hardgoods like car flags, etc. PM me if you're looking for something. Perhaps I can help some fellow skins fans out. The Jersey's are on sale as well.

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I was thinking of going with something more along these lines....guaranteed to get you on TV in Seattle :)

thats a funny shirt!!!

but, did you just see the SOUNDS OF THE GAME on the NFL Network

you can see the spit

that Ref was cool too, laid-back

he never lost his cool - and when he explained it to the Redskins players - they agreed

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