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Washington Post Sunday 1:45am ....Redskins win in rout


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Washington Post- Sunday 1:45am Redskins win in rout over the Seattle Seahawks. The game was over after the opening kickoff went for 93 yards by Antonio Brown. From that point on the Redskins could do nothing wrong. Seattle's offensive MVP was held to 60 yards rushing and Hasselbeck threw 4 interceptions, one of which went to Sean Taylor for a 60 yard touchdown to end the first half. The moment that so defined the Seattle day was when quarterback Hasselbeck got into a shoving match with one of his wide receivers when he seemed to pull up short on a pass do to the fear of Sean Taylor lurking. I guess the Redskins offense made up for last weeks disappointing performance by combining 365 yards of offense. Well I guess Joe Gibbs still does know how to win.

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Hey Talon, gonna be an interesting week with you I think. ;)

A blowout on either side would be shocking, but I think we have an excellent chance if the "Dallas and Giant's games" Skin's offense shows up.


Man, I have NO IDEA what to expect, other than a good game.
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Now that would be sweet to read, but come one man, this isn't a fantasy world. No way we CRUSH the freakin number 1 seed.

The Redskins will finish in the cellar at 4-12...no way the Redskins will sweep Dallas...no way the Redskins can win 5 straight to make the playoffs...the Redskins can't beat the Bucs in Tampa Bay...the game has passed Gibbs by...see a pattern here??? :D

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