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yes this is another Lavar thread

while watching the skins seattle game from 2003 (nfl network) a sideline comment stuck out to me...hasslebeck was talking to a lineman and mention they had to do something about Lavar...it reminded me of trent green saying how happy he was Lavar didn't play against them...QB's know he ended troy's career QB's know he almost ended favres streak...so mr. williams you have done such a great job with the defense...but with wynn and campbell out...PLEASE PLEASE give lavar another chance on 3rd downs (just to rush the passer):2cents:

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In Wilbons article today, he was saying the Williams is a master when it's a third down, but the Hawks didn't have many third downs (second lowest # in the league) and that Williams may have to go after the QB on first and second. He made the point that LaVar didn't play against the Hawks, and that it might be wise for Williams to use LaVar at end on some plays.

Now, if a moron like Wilbon can figure this stuff out, I think williams will have some special things for LaVar this week.

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