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I have read the comments on this message board and get the idea of what is happening in the US media.

My respose to this is lets hold are heads up high and be proud of our acheivments this season. Pesonally I don't care how we win games just as long as we do, of course I would like to see the Redskins rack up big offensive yards but a win in the playoffs is a win. It doesn't matter what the stats are or by how many points we win by just as long as we do.

My veiw on the Sean Taylor incident is that he probably did spit at Pittman and it was a terrible thing to do. Not just because spitting at another player is out of order but it put even more pressure on a injury hit Redskins secondary. Having said that it was a mistake by a pumped up young player who is in the playoffs for the first time. He will learn from this mistake, I just hope that all the fuss about the incident doesn't take away any of the aggresion Taylor as because that is what makes him a great player.

The one thing that has annoyed me not just this week but this season, is the lack of credit Joe Gibbs as got. I think it as something to do with jelous people who tipped the return of Gibbs as a disaster and a step back in time. All I say is look at what he as acheived, to get us to 2 games from the Superbowl in only his second comeback season is brilliant.

Can I finally say that win or lose this week how proud I am of the players and a big thanks to all the Redskins supporters for making me feel very welcome on this message board. You really are great people.

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Skins fans are the best- bar none! No matter where you are or where you go the "tribe" always manages to make itself seen and heard, nice to see how many Skins fans have spoken up from the UK. I'd like to see some of the fans try and see to it that their brethren on the other side get to see more of their games (not that I'm suggesting any violation of copyright rules or anything you understand)

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