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Madden on the PSP


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I have returned two PSPs and two Madden games.....and the game still does not work!!....after a few minutes of playing any player that I control is non responsive to the d-pad and starts moving toward the sideline....I contacted Sony they said its an EA problem....so far I have not been able to get in contact with EA.......Anyone else unable to play this game?......I even found a site maddenrecall.com where people are demanding a recall. :mad:

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I've got it.

It doesn't do anything like that but it still sucks. Everytime you're about to get a punt/kickoff, interception/fumble, or score a touchdown it freezes for like 3 seconds.

Its incredibly annoying.

Not to mention it seems like the running backs are running like Ferraris and almost every pass is completed.

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