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bucs fans blaming refs


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They lost, its really that simple. Fact of the matter is that exact same scenario happened when Tampa played Atlanta, but it was Atlanta that had it ruled an incomplete pass. I didn't hear them crying then. They can change the rule if they want, but then they'd be playing in our stadium b/c they'd have a 10-6 record also.

So let them cry. Pay back is a *****.

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Payback for the blown 2 pt conversion call a couple months ago....if the refs got that one right the Bucs are not even playing against us as we would have been the division champs and therefore seeded higher...:)

Funny response from one of the Colt fans replying to the original complaint about the refs:

I agree completely...


Marcus Pollard, Roddy White and the Skins D-Line that stopped Alstott 6 weeks ago.

...and another...

Buc fans have absolutey no room to criticize the refs, they are the ONLY reason you were playing at home to begin with. Gruden himself was on the pregame smirking about the blown call against the redskins earlier season and said it was reviewed and that "was life". Thats right chucky, thats life, and sometimes it goes the other way.

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Two of your scores were on questionable calls. The turnover that set up the first TD was fumbled before he was down. That was clearly a bad call. The washington fumble return should have been overturned IMO. It looked like when he got the ball Cadillac touched him with his foot and his hand in the beginning.

Having said that, you have gotten the shat end of the stick some in the past. That is the nature of the game. Sometimes you get the calls, and sometimes they go the other way. At least you got the breaks when they really counted. Good luck against Seattle and continue to REPRESENT the NFC Beast.

FWIW I don't think the calls that were questionable were the reason you won the game. Chris Simms was going to fold under the pressure of your defense. I am sure of that, and well he did.

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I hate it here when people say "payback" or "karma" because the refs called all of the plays correctly on Saturday. They even reviewed them and they were upheld. No payback, just solid officiating. (and some whiney Tampa fans)

I think the ruling would have went which ever way it was ruled on the field. They were both "well, we don't have enough evidence to definatively say it isn't so..."

So I wouldn't necessarily count that was a full on 100% upheld challenge. Certain calls become very clear one way or the other on review and niether of these were. I was suprised to see the announcers sound so definitive about them. But being the espn sunday night football crew, I shouldn't have been.

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I was going to post about you being a hypocrit, as the skins blame the refs more than anyone I know, but you took care of that. Good job being fair.

I agree we go wayyyy overboard when it comes to blaming the refs.

The first Tampa game was the prime example, people here were posting all sorts of video showing the 2 point conversion , using CSI type evidence and so forth.

I felt that it wasn't the refs that let Simms tourch our secondary for the TD that set up that play.

There was also a lot of talk about if we were offsides on the extra point block. I believe we were not offsides because the long snapper for Tampa often picks up the ball about 6 inches before he snaps it. Our coaches know this and our players were watching for it. That being said it was totally our fault for not bringing this to the attention of the ref before the play, and tell him to watch for it. Again not the refs fault on that call ,it was ours.

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