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I'm pretty optimistic about the remainder of the playoffs


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I say this for several reasons:

We've already beaten the two best teams remaining in the playoffs (Seattle and Chicago). I had a bet with several friends that the Tampa game would be our toughest, and it may well have been. How can the team not be confident against these teams?

Forget the dismal offensive output in Tampa. The TB defense probably had their best game of the season; fortunately, so did ours. It doesn't matter which side of the ball steps up as long as one of them does. Heck, Chicago's been winning like this all year!

The team has lost it's "Playoff Virginity". I suspect the newness of the playoffs for a lot of players might have been a reason for the poor offensive showing. Now they can take a deep breath, relax a bit and have some fun.

Having said all that, here's my keys to the game:

Defenses have figured out that if you throw a deep cover-two at Moss, you take away a huge offensive weapon. Send moss on some quick hitting post paterns, preferably from the slot, and get the ball in his hands quickly.

Cooley and Thrash have GOT to step up for Mark to have any chance at establishing a pass attack.

Rotate running backs and pound the Seahawks with Cartright and Sellers. Portis will have a much better day if his legs are fresh. Run the ball 40 times even if we only get 150 yards for the day.

Avoid those dumb-ass penalties that kill our drives and extend the opposition's. We have to focus our aggression on the field of play, not after the play is over.

Never quit. I see this as the biggest thing Gibbs has done for this team.

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Nice post. I think we'll do it up this saturday. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

:seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu :seahawksu

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