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Dont know if anyone has posted this before but now that the season is over and we are in the post-season, isnt this a perfect time to look at this bozo's prediction for this season. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


2. The Redskins will be a last-place team

Say it isn't so Joe. The NFC East clearly belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles. The next two slots will go to the Cowboys and Giants, both coming off of very good off-seasons, leaving Joe Gibbs' boys in the basement.

There's no way you can tell me the 'Skins have better talent now than one year ago. Right after Gibbs called linebacker Antonio Pierce and cornerback Fred Smoot "Core Redskins," owner Dan Snyder forgot where his checkbook was and let them walk to the Giants and Vikings respectively.

Wide receiver Santana Moss isn't as good as Laveranues Coles, whom the Redskins traded to get Moss. And while you certainly can sell me on the fact that wide receiver Rod Gardner needed a change of venue, you can't convince me David Patten is a go-to option as his replacement. The Patriots didn't even try to bring Patten back. Have New England's Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli ever been wrong?

It's obvious that Gibbs doesn't endorse Patrick Ramsey at quarterback. The coach proved that by drafting Jason Campbell with the team's second first-round pick and by keeping 2004 disaster Mark Brunell around. As a result, Ramsey plays looking over his shoulder.

Clinton Portis isn't comfortable running Gibbs' style of offense. Last year, he complained that the offense was too predictable. Portis wants the offensive line to block more like it did in Denver. Running backs coach Ernest Byner says he talked with former Denver offensive line coach Alex Gibbs about making adjustments. I talked to team executive Vinny Cerrato, who says nothing has changed. Chaos still rules at Redskins Park.

In the secondary, rookie cornerback Carlos Rogers is banged up. Walt Harris has to play way too much. And Sean Taylor has a legal mess hanging over his head.

Lol..... The irony!!

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Funny for that guy's "guaranteed must happen" predictions, 7 of 9 are wrong, the last one of Carolina winning it all still pending.

How many sportswrites predicted any significant numbers of the suprise teams doing what they did? Who was able to predict the Giants would win the NFC East, and that the Redskins would be a wild-card? How many sportswriters knew the Bears would edge out the Packers? How many sportwriters could predict the Broncos having a stellar season and clinching a first round bye? How many knew Miami would improve as much as they have?

I'd say around 90% of these so called "footbal experts" that ESPN and the like employ are just clowns who don't know all that much more then we do and aren't really good for anything more repeating the standard common wisdom of the time.

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That guy is hillarious....

JJ will win the rushing title????? i guess 990 yds gets you that?????????

Denver and Washington in the cellar???? Does this guy just pick names/teams out of a hat? or does he just hate on teams and throw them under the bus?

JJ arrington for rookie of the year????

This dope should be fired for making foxsports look like morons.

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"1. The Broncos will finish in the cellar in the AFC West"

Or, maybe win the AFC West, and get a playoff bye.

"3. Julius Jones will lead the NFL in rushing"

Or, finish 17th. Definitely one of the two.

"5. The Bills will play the second weekend in January"

Yep. The 5-11 Bills will play in January...with their children while watching the playoffs.

"6. Kyle Boller to the postseason; Ben Roethlisberger to the Bahamas"

Kyle Boller to the postseason? Ladies and Gents, we are in the presence of genius.

"8. J.J. Arrington and Derrick Johnson win Rookie of the Year"


Folks, when in doubt while betting on the NFL, find out what Adam Schein thinks and do the opposite. Although, to his credit, the first line of his article was "Here's the beauty of competitive balance: There's a very good chance I am going to be wrong."


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