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Kolber/Steve Young/Norv etc.


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Some random thoughts from the game…….

Kolber (ESPN): you guys like Chris Simms don’t you? Good god man!!! Was I imagining, or was every single sideline report about the bucs, Chris Simms, and on their sideline. Just like the first game against him, he throws the ball on target when he’s not being pressured or touched. Congratulations, he’s an NFL quarterback who can throw on target while leisurely standing in the pocket. Anytime we DID pressure him, it resulted in another turnover or incompletion. Coincidence? Hmmmmm

Steve Young (paraphrasing here): “I’ll tell you, if you put up 128 yards of offense in the NFL playoffs, you’re gonna lose.”

Ummm yeah, hi Steve, we sort of have a problem here. it seems you’ve been having some problems with your final score reports. Yeah, we’re now paying attention to the final score before making asinine statements. Mmmmkay?

Norv: I watched Norv’s offenses pile up yard after yard after stinkin’ yard. 400 here, 350 there. I also watched Norv lose a LOT of games. 120 yards of offense works for me, b/c last time I checked, there’s no editorial in the W/L column.

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Yeah, after the game, waiting for the trafic to thin out, a few Skins fans were pointing that out to a Bucs fan who was doing the "we wuz robbed!" thing.

They pointed out that, after "they were robbed", the Bucs ran the exact same play again, and the exact same receiver was left completely uncovered, and if their QB had just put the ball in the same place, then nobody'd care about that call.

(I hope Greg Williams pointed that out to his defense, too.)

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it just seemed that the whole broadcast was an ode to the Simms family. they kept re-playing the 86' game and talking about how chris just wanted to win. yeah, he must be the only guy on the field who wants to win. i absolutely loved how he got that ****y grin on his face when he thought the pass to shepeard was a TD.....started celebrating and jumping, all without even looking at the ref, who immediately waved his arms that it was incomplete.

i think they should have spent more time talking about Lavar, Gibbs, Marcus Washington, Cornelius et al.

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