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We did it. The Inverse Record


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Here's to all the mediots and prognosticators who were not only wrong, but exactly backwards. When the season started the prediction was pretty much universal: Eagles, Cowboys, Giants Redskins. That is how it would go. The Eagles would be strong contenders on the NFC side for a Superbowl again, too. However, with this playoff win and the Giant's loss the actual record of the NFC East for 2005 will be Redskins, Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles.

To those in the know how could you possibly be any worse. There is no degree of error higher. Congrats 'skins.

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We are the worst 3-0 team in NFL history and proud of it. We are the biggest disappointment in the playoffs, but still surging. We have one of the top defenses in the NFL without any Probowl calibre players. It is amazing how beautifully wrong professionals can be.

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