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Player the Skins can least afford to lose to injury?


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Seeing Carson Palmer getting injured on the Bengals' second play in today's game got me thinking...

Which player do you think the Redskins can least afford to lose in the playoffs? This might not be such an easy question to answer, but it is fairly obvious to me - Santana Moss. Without him, we basically have no threat at all at wide receiver, and all the other team has to do is stop Portis. The reason I didn't say Portis or Brunell is because we have pretty good depth at those spots and I think Patrick or Betts can perform pretty well. The other guy I think we cannot afford to lose is Washington.

What does everybody else think? And here's to a great, injury-free game on Saturday :cheers:

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Unfortunately, Randy Thomas is on the short list, and he's already out. Ray Brown's done a good job, but NOBODY can pull and block downfield like big #77.

Of the guys that are healthy, I hate to even think about it. But I'd have to say Moss as well.

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