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Not sure this thread belongs here, so if not, my apologies to the mod's.

Did anyone go to the Arlington Cinema n' Drafthouse on Saturday to watch the game? WOW! It was almost like being at the stadium. It packs in about 200 people, and they were ALL die hard fans. The game is shown on a movie theatre-sized screen. They serve beer (a necessity), liquor, food and other non-alcoholic drinks.

We were banging countertops, screaming at the screen, and jumping up and down on every big play. Every touchdown scored? You guessed it, 200 people singing hail to the redskins. If you're in the NOVA area, and want a great atmosphere for the game, I highly suggest you go. But, make sure you get there early. We were there an hour before kickoff, and the line went out the door and around the corner (They cut it off at about 200 people). I will definitely be there next week!!!!! :cheers:

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Rather than create a whole new thread, I figured I'd just talk about my experience here.

I went to the ESPN Zone, even after all the bad press it got around here and elsewhere. It was GREAT. Pretty much everyone in there, or atleast in my section (near the "stadium" to the left of the bar at a ****tail table) were Redskins fans and showing crazy emotion. At first I thought it was going to be lame but as soon as they showed Gibbs on the television the place lit up like crazy. Everyone was singing hail to the Redskins, they played HTTR after every big play over the whole place, everyone was jumping and high-fiving after big plays. I haven't hugged that many people I don't know since being at RJ Bentleys when Maryland won the title back in 2002.

I guess the only downside is the 10 dollars per hour thing, but at those prices thats easy to do. It was myself and 4 friends. We ordered plenty of food and plenty of beers and mixed drinks. We were figuring our bill should be somewhere near 400 dollars, at 7 dollars per tall beer and 8 dollars per mixed drink. The girl ended up hooking us up for $203.

Couple that with the Skins win and it made for a great day.

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