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RedSkins VS. Seahawks {Buc game recap}


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We made it this far. We have beaten The Bucs 17-10. To advance we need to beat the seahawks. We have a really good chance of beating them as long as Portis, Moss, Brunell, and Washington play. If our defence can play as well as they did, then our offence won't have to work real hard.

I would like to bring up the issue of Sean Taylor being ejected. They threw him out of the game but did not throw Pittmen out. Pittmen said "He had spit in my face and thats why i hit him in the face". The ref did not even throw the flag until Pittmen had hit taylor. But the foul was called towards Taylor. I personally think that Pittmen should have been ejected. There was no evidence that Taylor had even spit on pittmen.

If you agree with me then please reply. If you have anything to say about the bucs game or about the upcoming seahawks game please tell me. Other then that i will be writing more about past events or about upcoming games or events. Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for replying.

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