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Mad Mikes tampa pics

Mad Mike

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What a blast. I wish I could have made it to Al Lopez for the extreme bash but I did my best to represent at hogfest south. Anyway just thought I would share a few pics of my trip.

Many thanks to the folks over at cpnd, good people all and Justin (aka dogmatic) who drove and threw together one hell of a tailgate on short notice!


Guess who dropped by? That's the madman wearing #26 with the world famous hogets! :laugh:


We even met Tampa's mascots, Big Nasty and his crew were good guys as well.


I really didn't have enough lens to get any good game shots but this was our view.


Bad pic, but is that Art stalking the Tampa cheerleaders?


But the best part of all was the outcome. Here I am with my spoil of war.


I'll try to post more tomorow.

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Doh. Caught red-handed. In my defense, I wasn't snapping cheerleader pics during "game" action :)

Classic! I knew it was one of you guys! BTW, I saw your pics...great work!

This was by far the best skins game I have ever been to. There is NOTHING like a playoff game. It was such an amazing fealing when we got that last INT because not only did it mean a win, it was a meaningfull win in the playoffs. Skins fans went wild. Strangers embraced, danced and laughed together. It was Soooooo sweet.

:point2sky :applause:

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