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So I guess it's official, Young is in the draft


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I think we should trade Portis and our 3rd rounder to the Texans and pick up Bush. They'll want a vet back. Then I think we should trade Ramsey, our 2nd this year, and our 1st next year to the Saints and draft Young. Can you imagnie ****ing awesome we would be then?

OMG like so awesome dude :rolleyes:

2 first rounders... since we have enough money

first of all... we have portis, we dont need bush

second of all we have campbell, we dont need young

third... not even in madded would you be able to make this videogame trade

:laugh: at this thread

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i would rather have vince young then patrick

i dunno about jason campbell, havent seen him

but there is no way i would trade portis

thats just horrible

you might be joking

if so, then im talking to someone else..........


i dont get it either

but yeah


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