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Yesterday @ Al Lopez Park


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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who showed up. There were just a TON of Redskins fans everywhere and we actually had the whole South lot blocked off, and of course only 1 incedent with the moronic TB fans. Tons of food, tons of booze, and tons of new friendships..See some of you in Seattle !! Picture is of ExtremeRedskins.com members "GibbsISourSavior/"PortisClinton"/"Redskin56"

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It was great meeting you G.I.O.S. and the Tailgate was a blast wasn't it. Too bad I had to spend about 2 hours at Will Call, cause I would have liked to chat with you more and a bunch of other ES and Redskin fans. Have a great time in Seattle and I'll look for you in the Endzone. Your buddy (The cowboy fan) was a Riot, and a real class guy!!!

What's the name of your Resturant? I'd like to bring the wife and kids to Dinner there sometime, perhaps Get redskin56 and his wife and boy to come along also.

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