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portis pass to moss


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Yea - if that ball is thrown earlier and more toward the sideline it was 6 no doubt. Although I like the aggressive nature of the call, I would like to see us consistently have success running the sweep (3 or 4 times) before we try to throw out of it. That is why it worked better in the NYG game. The giants D had seen the sweep a lot and were quick to react and come up on it when they saw the same look -- this left Cooley all by himself. Make them respect the run more before you run a trick play off it. I wouldn't count on coach totally scrapping that play for the rest of the playoffs either.....it is a good play against attacking secondaries.

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I think he called it that early to keep the defense honest. The Bucs front seven is very quick and by throwing in some misdirection early he wanted to give the defensive players something to think about so that they would slow down a bit.

On top of that it was the right play at the right time. Portis had his receiver open in the endzone but underthrew it.

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