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I couldn't find any mention of this. But did you guys notice...

Sweet Sassy Molassy

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That we actually ran a successful pump and go to Santana Moss? Moss faked a screen Barber bit, Moss burned him for what could have been a 15 yard gain, or more. Unfortunately, Brunell put too much touch on the pass and it went out of bounds.

I think that we gave the Seahawks something else to look at and I see this play opening up the Screen pass much more. If DB's play tight we fake screen and beat them for a long gain, if DBs play loose then we run Screen and Moss can possibly take it for a long gain.

Hopefully we work more on the timing and accuracy of this play, and we'll have something scary.

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i would love to see them run some more of these plays and more screens, draws --i know we could have some success there and open the field --- we have got to get away from run, run, pass --- Moss is such a target and with great speed we HAVE to get him in the game -- how about the middle of the field? we haven't used it much since the days of Warren and Didier -- we definately saw it exploited yesterday

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