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yahoo and whew


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First half I was about as happy as I could be. We had two decent drives to get into field goal territory. Defense was great. We countered their score and put a healthy two touchdown cushion up. Second half, we all probably held on. I don't know if Gibbs decided to go totally in his shell and protect the league or if Mark is really hurting, but that second half was scary. Much respect to the Tampa D. These guys are awesome and Simms will be scary one day. Still, we did enough. We almost, but didn't make the key mistakes. Our Defense was the ultimate in bend, but don't break yesterday. We attacked just enough to stop them.

Mostly, just Yahoo! We did it. We made it.

And as a sidenote: Not bad for the worst 3-0 team in NFL history. Heck, we won with the worst offensive output in NFL History. Not totally fair though, in the first half we scored to quickly and did drive the ball. It's just if you score on one play and then score on a turnover... our offense never gets to see the ball or a chance to make yards.

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